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You wish to launch a new product or a new service?

The Intellectual Property Attorneys, Lawyers and Engineers of MARKPLUS INTERNATIONAL Law Firm are available to check third parties’ prior rights in order to protect yours.

Well grounded, you will get a legal monopoly on a name, an invention or a design. The various Industrial Property rights (Trademarks, Patents & Designs) allow you to thrive in a world more and more competitive, to license and to act against infringements.

Our technical and juridical know-how ensures you an effective partnership and a total commitment to meet the major-steps of your development, nationally and internationally.

We bring you deep acquaintances in various Law fields, through our international Intellectual Property network composed of several foreign law offices.

The branch of Law which is referred to Intellectual Property defends the works issued from the mind. It first includes Industrial Property, protecting names and logos used in commerce (Trademarks), inventions (Patents), and Design (Industrial Designs) and, on the other hand, Literary and Artistic Property Law that specifically protects literary and artistic works (Copyright).

MARKPLUS INTERNATIONAL Law Office is composed of Lawyers and Intellectual Property Attorneys. The latter is a profession regulated by the French Code of Intellectual Property, subject to a strict ethic and guaranteeing the confidentiality of all our exchanges related to your project.